Sunday, September 25, 2016

One-by-one Stash Sorting

Oh my gosh, Holly!! What happened to your stash!? Were you robbed!? :o

No no, guys, it's okay. It's all still right here, see?

Recently I've been dealing with some stress, and coupled with the extra humidity around my parts lately, I've been having a real difficult time with polish. I put on three different manis in a row, one after the other, for three days, hating ALL of them.

"WHAT DO I EVEN LIKE ANYMORE~!?" I found myself asking. "I really thought I liked this one.." I said about polishes I've had for years.

Finally, in almost an act of desperation, I scooped everything off my shelves and put them into purgatory-land box. They're not going away yet, until I try them on, one by one, and decide how much I enjoy them and put them back on the shelves. So far I have a handful that I've worn very recently and specifically remember thoroughly enjoying. So eventually I'll get through all of them and be left with only my favorites. For sure this time! <3

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