Wednesday, April 20, 2016

(Temporarily) Smaller Stash Pics

I've been feeling the urge to purge recently. I've also been through a depressive episode, so I didn't want to make any lasting changes until it passes completely and I know I'm 100% in charge of my decisions. But.. I really, REALLY wanted to get my stash down.. So, time for a temporary solution!

Step 1: Get a box.
Step 2: Pull ALL your polishes onto the floor and put them in a big pile. (Okay, not PILE, per say, 'cause I hate when polishes aren't right-side-up, but put everything in one big group.)
Step 3: Pick a handful of your very favorite polishes and put them to one side.
Step 4: Pick a couple of polishes that have been frustrating you lately, or are not-as-great sisters, and put then to the other side.
Step 5: Continue through the rest of the stash!

Here's what I wound up with:
62 polishes + 13 untrieds into the box
35 Indies + 41 commercial + 7 untrieds back on the shelf

That's a stash of less than 100! Eeek, I'm so excited!

The box will go at the bottom of my closet, and I'll check back in after a couple of months. I'm sure that some of them will come back when I start to miss them, but maybe a majority of them will end up permanently purged! We'll have to see!

Here's how my stash looks now. That's commercial on the left (with minis on the bottom shelf), indies on the right, and untrieds on the top shelf of the indies shelf.

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