Monday, September 22, 2014

Catch Me Dancing

The Polish:
BC: Sinful Colors - Base Coat
Polish: The Lady Varnishes - Catch Me Dancing, two coats
TC: Seche Vite

Meh... well, this isn't what I wanted. I didn't have any thinner with me when I went to apply this one, though it needed it, but I was already committed to the mani.

But I'm not sure if thinning it would make it any better--I think I would still hate it. I wore it last over another polish (though still a sheer one), but it's still not great. (Zoh my goodness, that peelie in the link! Eeek!) Plus that "jasmine" scent is terrible. Bleh.

My instinct is to purge it immediately, but I suppose I'll give it one more chance. I sure was excited about it a year ago. *shrug*

Wear: Two days. I used my hands a lot on day two and chipped my polish immediately. That night, the polish on my pinkie nail peeled off in one piece. Usually a base coat that doesn't agree with one's body chemistry causes that, but I've used my friend's SC before without event. Huh. *shrug*

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