Thursday, June 30, 2016

Petal Vortex

The Polish
BC: Revlon - ColorStay Base Coat
Main: Color Club - Polar Vortex, two coats
Glitter: OPI - Petal Soft, one point five coats
TC: Seche Vite

I was looking forward to this mani with two untrieds from the most recent swap, but now that I have it on, I'm not so sure about it.

Polar Vortex is a really nice blue-dark grey-black color, but it's pearly. I'm getting better at application, so it's not that much of a deal breaker as it once was, but I still don't prefer the look of it. I think I would only wear it under something else. Into purgatory for now.

Petal Soft isn't as much of a pain as I thought it would be. It's super adorable with its three sizes of small, pastel pink hexes and white flower shape-y glitters. I DID have to fish for the flower, but it's staying on really well and isn't annoying me at all! I did get a bunch of excess base on that nail that turned out looking wonky once the SV dried over it, but.. I could just consider this as a pink glitter and forget about trying to fish out the flowers. Still cute. It gets to stay with the rest of the stash.

Wear: Removed on Day 4, ruined from house work

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