Tuesday, July 5, 2016


The Polish
BC: None
Color: Julep - Cameron, two coats
TC: None

I'm starting to think that I just really don't like purples on me. :/ Kinda sad. Purples are nice colors, but I think I'd rather wear purple clothes than purple nails.

Cameron is a silver-purple texture, though you can hardly tell it from these pictures. But hey, they're not bad for an application that I did while riding in the car on a road trip, pictures that were taken on a cloudy, rainy day. *nod* Anyway, yeah, purge.

Oh yeah, I have SO comments for this one, too! While holding my hand, "...That is just, ALL glitter." XD

Wear: Removed on Day 5 (a lot longer than I expected), ruined with housework

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