Thursday, July 7, 2016

Armed and Polarized

The Polish
BC: Revlon - ColorStay Base Coat
Main: Essie - Armed and Ready, three coats
Accent: China Glaze - Polarized, two coats
TC: Seche Vite

I'm starting to like Essies more and more lately now that I'm getting better at applying cremes. Armed and Ready is.. a bit difficult to describe. It is, at times, in different lights, olive, brown, or dark grey. There is a gold shimmer that shines in the bottle and outside but hides completely indoors. I tried to take a number of pictures to catch the various perspective of colors, but I'm also navigating a new phone (Galaxy S7), so it was tricky!

Polarized doesn't match as well as I had hoped because I hadn't accounted for the gold shimmer in Armed and Ready, but I still enjoy it more that I probably would without an accent nail. It REALLY didn't want to be photographed, though. Polarized is a foil-y silver with.. what appears to be red, green, and silver hexes. Swatches online show that when it came out in 2012, there were a lot more colors, but they must have faded. I thought it would make a good silver for an accent nail, but.. it's just kinda plain. If I want a silver accent nail, I have so many better ones to choose from. It's difficult for me to put this perfectly fine silver directly in the purge, though, so purgatory box for now and will probably be purged later when I can be more strict with myself.

Wear: Removed on Day 4 with a chip from a peelie and some anxious picking. :/

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