Friday, August 9, 2013

Silver and Champagne

Orly - Au Champagne
Sally Girl - unnamed silver hex glitter
China Glaze - Matte Magic

What? A white pearl? Why do I even own this? Don't I know that I hate pearls? ... Oh yeah. The girls on the forums made it look so nice. So let's give it a go.

Au Champagne actually isn't that bad, for a pearl. Yeah, it's streaky, to be expected, but it IS pretty. And matte, the streak is hardly noticeable at all.

Also to be expected, the Sally Girl glitter involved a bit of fishing. Meh. Oh well.

As for the stained cuticles... before this mani, I started to put on a dark grey and realized immediately that it wasn't for me. I removed it quickly, but it still stained. Boo. Not sure what's up with my pinkie nail, either. The same thing happened last mani. I'll have to buff it out, whatever it is.

Wear: Two days. Lasted through one shower and died in the second. But for some reason it seems like it wore better than the NYC stuff. Dunno. I'll have to do a comparison.

Also, I put this picture on Reddit, as I occasionally do when I'm feeling affection for my current mani, and I got downvoted. Sure, I got more upvotes than downvotes, so my overall score was still positive, but it still hurt. I asked for some constructive criticism and got told that I needed more coats of polish and better application that "covers the whole nail." So.. this is just a reminder to me--I do my nails for myself. I don't do them for those people, and I don't even do them for anyone else that may be reading my blog. I do them for myself, and I do them the way I like them. Everyone else can stfu. <3

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