Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pixie Dust

Orly - Pixie Dust (Once Upon a Time collection)

I found this cutie at a local beauty store sale, and I couldn't not grab it. (Look, she even comes with a cute pixie charm!) I was hoping it would calm my lemming of I Have a Herring Problem and I Don't Give a Rotterdam, but nope. Still craving those, as well.

Anyway, Pixie Dust is a pretty, shimmery blue-grey. The shimmers are quite large and almost fleck-like, though I'm sure they're smaller flecks than Glass Slipper. Here's a close up for you.

I wouldn't call it a sheer, but the two coats I applied don't really give enough coverage, obviously. As usual, I didn't care--two coats is pretty enough for me. And also as usual, I guess I didn't care enough for clean up. I may need to start caring again, because I'm tired of seeing my pretty pictures messed up by tiny drops of polish on my skin! I know it's exciting to take pictures of your pretty nails, self, but an extra minute to clean up would make a big difference, and you know it! Also those cuticles. Mm-mm, girl, you need to get your moisturizing on!

Pixie Dust is slightly darker than what I would normally wear, which is a silly thing to say, I know, because it's super pastel. But it's not a sheer nude, and that makes me slightly embarrassed, haha. While wearing it, I kept wondering, "Are my hands too noticeable?" Whatever, silly! I'll get used to it eventually!

Wear time: This is the best part, ladies and gentlemen--seven days! Whoo! That's the longest wear I've gotten out of a polish yet! Excellent! <3

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