Saturday, December 5, 2015

Rock Candy

The Polish:
BC: None
Color: Julie G - Rock Candy, two coats
TC: None

I thought I took good pictures of this one, but none of them are entirely color accurate! So.. here are three different colors. It's actually a bit more blue-leaning in reality. In most lightings, I can't tell if it's blue or green (but it never looks teal).

I think I've decided that it's because of winter that I'm getting such reduced wear. Never more than four days. Thus, textures are a nice go-to for the middle of the week. I can slap on two coats during my lunch break and call it good! Plus, I even got FIVE days wear out of this one! Gasp!

Wear: Removed on Day 5, some chips appearing on Day 4

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