Saturday, June 8, 2013

Polar.. Glitter.. Something

Sally Hansen Something Blue (Diamond Strength line)
LA Colors Glitter Bomb (Color Craze line)
Sally Hansen Polar Bare (Complete Salon Manicure line)

Meh, not really a good name for this. I was just trying to get through some untrieds.

Started out with Something Blue, a sheer silver shimmer with teal microglitter. It's actually way more elegant than I was expecting. Plus, check out those amazing cuticles! I've been using the Bert's Bees cuticle cream every weekday for about three months, and it's finally starting to make a difference. Woo! It's all been worth it!

Then, since I wanted to celebrate my last day of work, I added some sparkle!

Glitter Bomb is a nice mix of small and medium sized holo glitter. Suuuper pretty in the bottle, still alright but not quite as nice on the nail. There's not really much to say, but I took lots of nice pictures, so I'm going to add some more.

I like the look of the sparkle, but I'm having that problem again, where it makes me think, "That was a nice mani.. until I put some crap on it." Yeah, this time the crap is a pretty holo glitter, but it still makes me feel that way. So on day three, I decided to layer a sheer white, Polar Bare, over it. And it made the mani look, in my opinion, soooo much prettier, even though it didn't photograph as well. I'll have to remember from now on that I like something layered over my glitters.

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