Saturday, June 1, 2013

Flakies to the rescue!

The Color Workshop - unnamed flakie (NOTA?)

Okay, that didn't last long. I wanted to put on something, so I decided to just put on one coat of something sheer, this The Color Workshop polish I found at a thrift store. No base coat. No top coat. No strengtheners, fortifiers, or therapies. Just the polish.

And I loved it. I wore it for a day and then decided to try and take a picture. I put on another layer, just for effect, and scoured the house for a good spot to plug in my LED lamp. No where. No where in this house has good, white light. Then my husband said, "Why don't you just go outside?"

I've taken pictures outside before. It sucks. The glare of sun makes it impossible to see what's on the screen, meaning I'm taking blind pictures. Plus, they don't even turn out that well. But, desperate as I was, I stood out there playing around with it, and then finally found the BEST technique. While standing in the sunlight, I turned with my back to the sun and took a picture in the shadow of my body. Perfect!

I think this may have been enough to get me into a positive mood about polish again. I'm not going to worry about Rejuvicote or my peelies or fancy mani ideas. I'm just going to wear my pretties. And I'm going to use this technique of standing in the sun but taking the picture in my shadow. It'll be great.

Oh yeah. As for the polish itself. It's a small flakie in a sheer pink, almost duochrome base. It's obviously meant to be layered over something else, but I like it on its own. It's conservative and pretty, and while I don't love it, it was nice enough to make me want to give nail polish another go, even when I was frustrated with it.

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