Friday, May 31, 2013

Cinderella, Nude, in Satin Sheets

Sinful Colors Cinderella
Sally Hansen Nude Shimmer (Diamond Strength line)
Revlon Satin Sheets (Sweet Nothings line)

You know how I like to make cute names for my blog posts by mashing up the names of polishes I use in a mani? I had this great idea to use Cinderella and Satin Sheets together. They're both pretty, shimmery sheers, they'd work wonderfully together. But of course once I had the name in my mind, I needed to add something with "Nude" in it. I thought about it for a few days. What would be the best way to go about it? Maybe an accent nail of Cinderella on my ring finger and an accent nail of Nude Shimmer on my thumb? I asked the nail board, but the best they had was maybe some dots or stripes, but those things aren't really me. So I finally went with Cinderella over the Nude Shimmer for my accents. And how'd it turn out?

Hah! Laughably.

The Nude Shimmer is hardly visible under the Cinderella. And what's that on my ring finger? No, surely that can't be my beautiful Cinderella. Ugh. I should have stuck with one coat to begin with, but not only that, my second coat was too THICK! Bubbles. Gross.

Can you see the Nude Shimmer better on my thumb nail? Vaguely? No? Pfft. Whatever.

I'm in a slump right now. What with the Rejuvicote not being up to my expectations and letting my manis peel, the not being able to take good pictures in my new house, and now this disaster? I think I'm going to take a naked break for a few days. I know with all of my lovelies I can't stay away for long, but I just need to take it all off and defrag a little.

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