Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gold Rush Danse?

OPI Care to Danse? (NYC Ballet collection)
CoverGirl Gold Rush (Boundless Color line)

I was nervous about CTD? at first because it's purple. Okay, sheer lilac, or whatever, but it's still a purple, and I don't really do purples. But it's actually really pretty and even kind of goes with my skin color.

My last manicure was very thick, and thick doesn't last long with me (I have a picking fixation). So even though I wanted a jelly sandwich, I tried to keep it as thin as I could. I only applied three coats, not including the Rejuvicote that I've been using for about a week--one coat of CTD?, one of Gold Rush, and another of CTD?. (Review of Rejuvicote to come!)

I still haven't made up my mind about Gold Rush, though I've had it for a while and worn it quite a few times. Alone, it's not very attractive to me at all. In fact, when I put it on and looked at it, I felt the same way I feel about crackle nails, "Oh what a nice mani, until you spilled all that crap over it." Haha. But sandwiching it by adding another layer of jelly made it more tolerable. So, it might go into the swap pile eventually when I'm feeling especially minimalist-y, but for now I suppose it can stay.

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