Sunday, May 12, 2013

Confetti Slip

Sally Hansen Pink Slip (Complete Salon Manicure line)
Confetti Pink Confetti

More work stuff this week, so I started out with another sheer pink. This one was more streaky than Shell We Dance?, and thus more frustrating. Worked out alright though. It's not my favorite sheer pink, and I feel confident in saying that since my collection of them is growing so fast.

Came home and put on some glitter! Pink Confetti is an adorable iridescent glitter, two sizes of hexes. Very pretty, but nothing ground breaking. Glitter like this is getting to be quite common. Love it regardless.

But now for the best part! I saw on the MUA Nail Board a while back an instance of someone layering a pink sheer over a glitter (perhaps Mademoiselle over Snow Globe?), as if it were a jelly. The look was way cuter than I would have expected, so I had to try it out for myself.

And success! The top layer of Pink Slip had a sort of muting effect to turn down the bling of the glitter. It's very elegant and feminine, and I adore it.

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