Saturday, May 4, 2013

Popular / You Callin' Me a Lyre? + Pirouette My Whistle Comparison

Revlon Popular (rerelease of Starry Pink)
OPI You Callin' Me a Lyre? (NYC Ballet collection)
OPI Pirouette My Whistle (NYC Ballet collection)

These were some of the first polishes I had to have when I first started buying. The swatches I saw online were just so elegant and gorgeous! It's normal for a drugstore brand to dupe a high end brand, and though OPI isn't exactly a high end brand, Popular struck me as Revlon's take on the Ballet collection. I wasn't expecting quality, but I wanted to get it anyway.

The bottles aren't actually very similar looking at all. Apart from the fact that the Revlon contains both the glitter and the color while OPI bottled them separately, YCMaL? appears more peach than pink, compared to Popular.

But on the nail, the difference in color isn't much noticeable. What becomes obvious, however, is that YCMaL? is a great sheer jelly, and Popular is a milky, sheer creme. The glitters in Popular are regular silver hexes and small glitters. What makes PMW so amazing, on the other hand, is that the glitters are an amazing muted silver, almost matte.

One of the worst things about Popular is how the creme partially covers half of the glitters. It's streaky enough that some of the glitters get covered with the pink while others are left shiny. It leaves a messy, haphazard look. The OPI polishes had a much cleaner look, as expected, even though it doesn't appear that way in my pictures. I'm not sure why the small glitter in PMW looks so peppered.

Wear: Two days. I wore Revlon's Colorstay basecoat, and the OPI polish began to peel easily after two days. You can even see it beginning to want to peel on my index finger. I'll have to remember in the future that OPI polishes don't play well with this basecoat.

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