Monday, April 29, 2013

Dandy Lyin' Around

China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around (Avant Garden collection)

I was super excited for this opaque, shimmery white creme after seeing swatches online. I bought it a week or so after the collection was released, but didn't get around to using it until now. Unfortunately it didn't live up to my high hopes.

It's such a pretty color, but the formula is a finicky. I suppose it's not that surprising, since it's a white, but still. And clean up was tricky, too. I tried the gap clean up that looked so nice with the last polish I applied, but the microglitter just got everywhere and only proved to be annoying. My thumb turned out the best. I'm not sure what those little black specks are. They may be glitter that the acetone affected, I guess.

But the worst part was the terrible, horrible, no good brush. Ugh, just LOOK at those ugly frays! Grr, I hate you so much, brush!

After brooding over it all day, I finally decided that the only way to get excited about this polish again was to decant it into a bottle with a nice brush. Say, one of those new Megalast bottles. Lucky for me, the new polishes from that line (you know, the ones that can only be found at Dollar General, for some reason) included a clear.

Aaaah. MUCH better! I left about a tenth clear in the bottle before I poured DL'A in. That should help the formula at least a little. The good news is that I'm excited for this polish again! I didn't redo my mani, even though it frustrated me so much when I first put it on. I'll just continue to be excited for it until the next time I wear it. Mmmm, just look at that beautiful brush! So happy. :)

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