Sunday, April 7, 2013


Essie - Delicacy

Delicacy is an Essie color that was recently discontinued. I picked it up from the Walgreens clearance basket for $2. From the bottle, it looks like just another sheer pink, but no the nail, it's actually a pearly pink with the slightest blue duo-chrome. Totally not what I was expecting. It's pretty, but unfortunately, the pearly-frosty finish gives it a bad case of the visible-brush-strokes. This is three coats.

(Oh, what looks like bubbles on these pictures is actually the Glass Slipper from my second Raindrops franken dupe attempt that I didn't try very hard to remove. Sorry it makes it look kinda crappy.)

Can't decide if I like this polish or not. Honestly, I'm leaning towards not. The color is cute, but.. well, there are two finishes that I like least in a polish, pearl/frost and duo-chrome. And this one has BOTH of them! Ugh.

But oh well. Still pretty cute, huh? I'll wear it for a couple of days.

Edit: I didn't notice the blue duo-chrome that I mentioned for the rest of the life of this mani, and the other reviews I found on the internet didn't mention anything about it, either. Maybe it was a fluke? Huh.

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