Sunday, April 28, 2013

Green Tea

Sally Hansen Green Tea (Complete Salon Manicure line, Designer Collection 2013)

I've been holding onto the pictures from this mani for a while because I haven't been quite sure of what to say about it. First of all, apart from this polish itself, two things. I had a tough time at work the day before I put this on and had stress-picked off my prior polish. I don't have a ridge filler, so unfortunately this mani shows the sorry state my nails were in. But second of all, this is the first time I tried a "gap" clean-up, leaving a clear gap between the polish and my cuticles. The Makeup Alley Nail Board says it's the best type of cleanup for bloggers because it photographs nicely. What do you think? I quite like it!

Alright, now about Green Tea. It took me a long time to make up my mind on the color. I kept deciding that I liked it and then deciding again that I didn't. I think part of the reason I bought it was because of its name. It is quite an accurate color representation of a matcha latte, and believe me, I love matcha EVERYTHING. But I'm not sure I like matcha latte on my nails. Maybe it doesn't go well with my skin tone or something? Or maybe it's just hard for me to feel much affection for anything that's not pink anymore, hah!

I was looking forward to wearing this polish partially because of my good luck with Shell We Dance? and how long it wore. Unfortunately... this polish chipped less than 24 hours after application! Boo. :/ So, all that being said, I think this one's going in the swap box.

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