Monday, April 1, 2013


Zoya Blu (Lovely collection)

Ugh. Why? Whyyyyy do I suck at cremes so much? I've been having trouble with Sinful cremes lately, but I expected my first and only Zoya to be better. Nope. Look at this. Look at the bubbles. Look at the unevenness. Look at those hideously flooded cuticles. And this is AFTER cleaning! Next time, I swear, I might flood all the cuticles on purpose to make it even at least. I asked for help on the MUA NB, and they said it's just that it's a pastel. Pastels typically have poor formula. They also said to try cleanup with pure acetone, which I haven't attempted yet.

Anyway, Blu is a gorgeous whiteish pastel blue. I absolutely adore the color. I'm not, however, excited to ever put this on again. So I was thinking of maybe frankening a jelly with it, or maybe Sugar Rush, since it's so similar. Would I keep the lovely color or add a shimmer to it? Hmm... I'll have to think on it! THIS makes me more excited than wearing the creme as is. Jellies are so much fun!

I also did a bit of an experiment with top and base coats on this manicure. As mentioned in my last post, I recently bought Revlon's Colorstay base coat and New York Color's Grand Central Station top coat. I want to see how much of a difference they make, so I applied them to every other nail. More on the results in a couple of days!


  1. Pure acetone does make a world of difference. Maybe try thinner coats too?

    1. Ah, good. I think I -will- pick some up tomorrow. And yeah, I figured my thick coats caused the bubbling, but it was streaky with thin coats ;-; Gah, I feel like I can't win with this one.