Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Celestial Adoration

Essie Adore-a-Ball
Revlon Celestial FX

I had more to do with my prospective job, so I started this week out with Adore-a-Ball, another slightly streaky, yet still cute!, soft pink.

I'm beginning to get a lot of these. Maybe I should do another comparison post about them. I'd say Adore-a-Ball is roughly more streaky than Shell We Dance? but less streaky than Sugar Coat. But I'll do a comparison just to be sure!

Today was my last day of interview work. I have a couple more meetings that my job will be contingent upon, but I'm definitely getting some positive vibes! Nothing else for the rest of the week, so I came home and celebrated with some glitter! The shapes in Celestial FX were relatively easy to fish out, but nevertheless, I still slathered it on thicker than I normally like to, and then a thick layer of top coat over to make sure the shapes stay down. Pretty, pretty holo glitters and shapes! I'm happy it turned out cute, but I'm worried that it won't last long because of how thick I made it.

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