Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shell We Dance?

Sally Hansen Shell We Dance? (Complete Salon Manicure line)

Looking forward to a professional opportunity I got this week, so I put on something neutral. Shell We Dance is an adorable sheer pink jelly, quite cute--exactly what I was expecting and wanted. The color is very similar to You Callin' Me a Lyre? and Sugar Coat. The pictures show it as slightly streaky, but it's not noticeable irl. I would say it's more streaky than YCMaL?, but not as streaky as Sugar Coat. Shown is two coats.

Sorry my nails look like they're in terrible condition. I'm still suffering from peelies, and you can even see some slight staining from the chip-cover-up job I did with Bikini So Teeny. Merh.

Are five pictures too many for a regular (albeit cute) polish like this? Oh well. I couldn't decide which to pick because the blurrier ones show the streaks less, but the nicer looking ones are the ones that came out clear and streaky.

Wear: Get ready... 5 days! That's the longest a polish has stayed on me, and it didn't even need any touch up! I wore Revlon's Colorstay base coat under and Sinful Color's liquid quick dry top coat over top, and then did some acetone-and-eyeliner-brush clean up. I think the clean up especially helped, because I feel like the base coat may have began to peel, last time I wore it, from the cuticles. This time I got everything off my cuticles, and viola! No peeling. My biggest problem was that my cuticles began to want some attention, and I couldn't ignore them any longer. I pushed them back and then needed to change the polish so the gap wouldn't drive me crazy.
Anyway, I'm completely satisfied with this polish. I don't care that it streaked because it looks fine irl. The color is beautiful, the pro-wide brush was awesome, and it lasted a nice long while. I'll definitely be looking into the Complete Salon Manicure line in the future! Shame it's $8, but I've been able to fine a couple on clearance.

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