Friday, March 29, 2013

Smooth and Perfect Easter Skittles

Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect line in
Dune (thumb)
Whisper (index)
Air (middle)
Satin (ring)
Sea (pinkie)

Ah, my delicious Smooth and Perfect line again. They make cute pastel skittles for Easter, though more muted than I had envisioned. No cleanup here, sorry. More on that later, but on the other hand, look how good I'm getting! Just a couple of little messes, and that's all!

Dune turned out slightly yellow, as I had hoped, but not so great a look for my thumb, what with the nail line and all. Yeech. I'm glad I didn't do all of my nails that color. When I wear it again, I'm going to have to remember to wear something under it.

Not much else to say about the other colors. They're just cute, right?

Oh, Sea, which I've posted about before, is still less pigmented than appears in the bottle. Oh well, it's lovely regardless.

Today was also my first time wearing Revlon Colorstay base coat and New York Color Grand Central Station top coat. They seem highly favored on the MUA nail board, so I thought I'd try them out. Easter is three days away, and I assume my nails will still look nice by then, but we'll see. In the shower this morning, a small section of Dune peeled off! It's not much, and it's not noticeable irl, but I know it's there. Good thing I took pictures before cleanup!

The Smooth and Perfect line has been recently discontinued, so you might be able to find a couple of bottles on clearance at your local drugstore. What you don't find around town, you can purchase on Amazon.

Wear: Three days. More of the thumb nail peeled off on day three. I could have probably gotten another day out of it, but I would have picked at it if I didn't take it off immediately.

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