Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hint of Rain

Sinful Colors Rain Storm (Haute Rebel collection)
Klean Color Take a Hint
NYC Matte Me Crazy
Started out with Rain Storm this morning. Again, made a little bit of a mess with it, so I decided to clean up after work. Note the tip wear throughout the pictures. I really need to learn how to properly wrap tips. The formula was just slightly thick, like the other SC cremes I've tried. It was darker than I normally like to wear, so I thought I was going to hate it, but the color is just too pretty to hate.
After work and cleanup, I added a couple coats Take a Hint. It's a pretty, iridescent hex glitter I haven't used before.
Now for the fun part: Matte-ifying! I've never matted anything before! It was soo much fun watching the matte dry! Turned out fine except for that time that I decided after it was dry that I missed a little next to my cuticles on a couple of nails and went back to get it. Oops. (It evened out a few hours later.)
Again, my pictures don't do the nails justice. Super pretty, I love them, especially with the matte. <3 I've heard that Matte Me Crazy isn't the best matte top coat out there, but it works fine for me, especially as my first matte. I've also heard that mattes chip easily, so I'm prepared to be sad when these nails don't last long after tonight. :/
The Haute Rebel collection may still be available at Walgreens where you live. SC sells for $2. NYC is $2 at Walmart. I haven't been able to find Klean Color anywhere in the wild, but here's their website. It looks like the glitter's no longer available on the site, but the other colors sell for $3.49.
Wear: Two days. The chipping was horrendous by the end of the second day, with the paint peeling off in sheets, but then the removal process was even worse! My acetone polish remover hardly even affected it. I LOVED the matte effect, but I will definitely think twice before putting it on again. I will definitely also need to grab some pure acetone before I attempt it again.

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