Friday, March 15, 2013

Raindrops Franken Dupe Attempt 1

I almost ALMOST bought Raindrops the other day. Added to my cart and went to checkout, then stared at the total. With shipping to the US, it came to $32. That'd be a fine amount to spend, imo, for the BEST POLISH EVER, but who knows if this would be that for me? So I decided to proceed with my franken dupe instead. I went to the thrift store the next day and bought some minis to experiment into. (By the way, cleaning out polish bottles with acetone-based remover, rather than 100% acetone, works but takes time.) Here is my first attempt.

GNP Ultimate Nail Hardener, my clear base, to make it jelly
Vintage Wet n Wild silver-blue pearl, for a hint of blue that I know the real Raindrops doesn't have but I wanted to add (also because my grey was a little dark on its own)
Maybelline Express Finish Gray-T Glamour, my grey, since it's what I had
Sally Hansen Glass Slipper, for the raindrops

And the last bottle is the franken!

I honestly didn't keep track of how much of what I used, since it was my first experiment, but I started with half of the mini bottle full of clear coat. This is how it ended up:

The glass flecks didn't hardly show up (did I not add enough?) so I basically wound up with a grey jelly. Hmm. It's pretty enough, I guess. And I do like that the WnW gave it just the slightest hint of pearl. I think I'll add some more Glass Slipper before I wear it next.

Edit: I'm starting to like it more and more, actually. I kind of hated it when I first put it on because it didn't look like the beautiful pictures on the internet. But I've been typing in the semi-dark of my room and looking down at my fingers, and it's actually pretty. The blue-grey color is a nice one, even though the pictures don't do it justice, and I really like the jelly-ness of it. I'm still going to add some more Glass Slippers, but I think I can keep it on as it is for the next couple of days. So I'm calling it a success!

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