Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sheer White Comparison

China Glaze White Cap
Wet n Wild Break the Ice (Megalast line)
OPI Don't Touch My Tutu (NYC Ballet collection)
Sally Hansen Fog (Smooth and Perfect line)
Revlon Phantom Angel (Masquerade collection)

Yay, another sheer comparison! I was soooo excited to put these on! I applied three coats of everything to bring out the full color. Here we go!

First up is White Cap, which I've decided should actually be called "Golden Shimmer Cap." This polish is pretty, but I don't think it really belongs in the whites comparison. It's mostly golden shimmer, and the white base is merely an after thought. And, as I've found before, when applied over another color, the white disappears completely.

Next is Break the Ice. After seeing swatches of this on the nail board, I HAD to have it. And it didn't disappoint! This polish is downright gorgeous. It's a beautiful white, and the shimmer in it is stunning. It looks just like freshly fallen snow glimmering in the sunlight. Ahhh... <3

Then we have OPI's white from last year's NYC Ballet collection, Don't Touch My Tutu. It's pretty on its own, but extremely sheer. As you can see, it's clearly the most sheer of the batch. I was even tempted to use a fourth coat, but I refrained. It looks a little out of place next to the others, but as a full mani, it's very elegant. Plus, as it's a jelly, it makes for a fun jelly-glitter sandwich.

And then Fog, the white of the Smooth and Perfect line, which I'm so fond of. The nail board was telling me that the S&P polishes bubbled on them. I didn't have any problems with Linen or Sea doing this, but unfortunately Fog did. Oh well, it's hardly noticeable IRL, and I still love it.

Finally Phantom Angel, which is actually remarkably similar to Fog. It also bubbled, but just barely, and has a slightly more pearl finish.
Like the pinks, I love these colors so much!! But this time, it's not hard to pick a favorite. Although they all have their moments, Break the Ice is the clear winner here. Plus, it's currently in the core collection, unlike the rest of the polishes, so it's easy to find, and only $2.

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