Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sno Caps

China Glaze White Cap over unknown vintage chocolate brown
Wear: three days

After owning White Cap (a mini, in case you couldn't tell from the final picture) for only a few days, I began to dream of what I could do with it (as we do all polishes, of course). The name reminded me of those movie theater candies, Sno Caps, the ones that look like little chocolate mountains covered in white confetti snow, and I had the perfect chocolate polish, a vintage I received in a box from my mother-in-law.

I was a little sloppy putting the chocolate on this morning, and I was running late for work, so I decided to finish everything when I got home. The dent on my middle finger is from a three-year-old that was playing with my fingers.

The polish turned out to be GORGEOUS. It's a beautiful chocolate brown with copper shimmer. Sooo pretty! I wish I was a better photographer so that I could capture how wonderful it is. However, I don't think it's really for me. Brown is a color I wear regularly, clothes-wise, but I'm just not comfortable wearing dark polish. I think it'll go in my swap pile soon enough, and hopefully I can find it a good home!

The White Cap turned out to be different than expected. Not bad, just unexpected. I assumed it would be a shimmery white, opaque enough to tell that it's white, but sheer enough to see the undie. Perhaps it may be that way with two or more coats, but with only one, it's a gold-ish, multi-color microglitter. As I said, not bad, just not what I had in mind. Turns out I didn't get my Sno Caps after all.

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