Saturday, February 16, 2013

Heavenly Sugar Rush

Revlon Heavenly over Sinful Colors Sugar Rush (from the Sugar Rush collection)
Wear time: 4 days
While at Walgreens the other day, I was excited to see two things. First, Sinful Colors has a new collection out called Sugar Rush. It was full of yummy pastels, perhaps in anticipation of Easter? The only color that I thought I would actually wear was the namesake, a soft blue. I bought it and have been humming the song since.

The second thing was that Revlons were on sale for $4, woo! I bought Celestial FX, which I've been meaning to get my hands on for a while as well as Heavenly, because I don't have an iridescent glitter yet, despite how prevalent they are.

Sugar Rush was actually a bit of a disappointment to apply. It was thick, finicky, and streaky, but I'm getting the feeling that most non-sheer Sinful Colors are like that. My Cinderella and Glass Pink are fine, but everything else I've tried so far have been a bit of a pain. (So, hence the non-ideal application on the pictures.)

(Also, it's February and pretty cold, which I've noticed shows in my hands. I need to wear lotion, but I wash my hands almost constantly at work, so it's not really practical.)

Heavenly, on the other hand, was a dream. There were plenty of glitters (hex and square) in each stroke, and the milky base was very friendly, especially after the fight Sugar Rush gave me.

As always, Sinful Colors sells for $2 at Walgreens (and Walmart, I've been told), and the Sugar Rush collection just came out, so they should be around for a month or two. Revlon is normally about $5.50 and can be found at Walgreens, Walmart, and some grocery stores.

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