Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mauve Essence

Sinful Colors Mauve (Haute Rebel)
Essence Glitter Topcoat

A friend let me try on a polish I don't have while I was at her house last night. Mauve is a color from the Haute Rebel Collection I didn't pick up. It was pretty enough, but for some reason I just decided against it. It's really a pretty greyed lilac, a great color.

But the application was the same as the other Sinful cremes I've tried, thick and tricky. I made a bit of a mess with it. Why do Sinful cremes all hate me?

Plus, it took forever to dry. No, I didn't add a topcoat because she didn't have one, but I added a few drops of Sinful's quick dry top coat when I got home, and it was still tacky. Gosh.

This morning I put Essence's glitter topcoat over top, but it just seemed to make matters worse. In the end, it was just kind of a smudgy mess, so I took the whole thing off. (I don't know what happened with the lighting on the glitter pictures. They turned out more grey than irl. Huh.)

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