Friday, May 10, 2013

Coconut Blue

Sally Girl Coconut (Scented)

Another blue creme for me. I was actually wearing Zoya Blu when I bought this. I have to wonder about myself sometimes. Well, I know what I like, at least! I like pastel blues, and I like coconut, so how could I resist spending an extra dollar? Anyway, I expected the lacquer to smell faintly like coconut while I was putting it on and then fade once it had dried, but actually it was quite the opposite. I couldn't smell anything while it was wet, but for two days afterwards, my nails smelled like sweet fruit. I'm not sure if anyone else could smell it or if it was just me, but I enjoyed it at least!

I actually hated this polish while putting it on. The brush is tiny and annoying, and of course I still hate cremes. But I struggled through it and a couple hours after it dried (maybe around the time the coconut scent began to kick in) I decided that I liked it. It's just such a cute color, and the scent is very nice. Plus, I'm getting better at creme clean up! (Except for that time that I didn't moisturize afterwards and all the pictures show where the acetone brush has been. Heh.)

I wanted to do something extra fun with this mani. I borrowed my neighbor's seldom-used stamping kit to try for the first time, but I could hardly get anything to show up. Then I tried using circle stickers for a French manicure, but those results were even worse. Ugh. Oh well. So, here's just some plain, pretty blue.

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