Thursday, June 13, 2013

Whimsical, Heavenly White

LA Girls Matte White
Revlon Whimsical
Revlon Heavenly

This is one of my new favorite polishes, Matte White. Pretty streaky even at two coats, huh? Don't worry, we'll put something over it.

Aha, my beauties! As soon as I put Matte White on (my toes. That's where I test all my polish before I put it on my fingernails), I knew I wanted to layer Heavenly over it. But then I got Whimsical, so I decided to add it as an accent nail. I actually just recently realized that the blue base in Whimsical was merely a tint, not an opaque creme at all. So I had to have it.

Looks better in the shade, though, I think. I'm still learning about accent nails. Should I have left my thumb nail as Heavenly? Or does it look okay Whimsical? Hmm. I know my thumb nail looks like crap. Whatever. Actually... all of my nails look pretty sad today. Maybe the acetone? I swear I've been moisturizing. Meh. I'm still just not good at cleanup.

Wear - four days. Heavenly cracked before Whimsical.

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