Monday, June 10, 2013

Sorbet Goddess

Sally Hansen Sorbet (Smooth and Perfect line)
CoverGirl Goddess (Queen collection)

Not much to say here, just getting through more untrieds before I leave for the summer. No clean up because whatever.

Sorbet is my least favorite S&P. ... Okay, that's not true. Dune looks like a gross yellow on me. But I'm not one for oranges/peaches, so Sorbet's not my favorite.

Goddess is a holo microglitter in clear base. Pretty in the sun, but hard for me to photograph.

Edit 6/11 - Okay! Here's a picture where you can see the sparkle. I took it while laying in bed in the morning, hehe. I tried to crop, but it just made it look weird, so here's the full picture.

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