Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sea Glass in the Sea

The Polish:
BC: Nail-aid Extreme Steel Hardener
Undies: Sally Hansen - Sea (Smooth & Perfect line)
Glitter: Pure Ice - Sea Glass, two coats
TC: New York Color - Matte Me Crazy, two coats

Meh, I'm really still not sure what I think about this polish. I put it on when I first bought it and hated it so much, it didn't even make it to the blog. I decided to try it with undies this time, but I'm still just not sure. I really like it in the bottle.. those iridescent glitters are so cute. I'm just... not... sure... :/

Plus, the matte didn't even matte properly. I even added two coats, and it still wasn't very matte. Meh.

Wear: Three days, peels at two.

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