Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Year's Resolution Organization

Remember how my New Year's Resolution this year is to use up some minis and play with my frankens more? Well, check out what I did to help me with that:

The other side of the closet still has all my indies and nicer polishes on it, but this side, I cleaned out the shelf and put all of those drugstore polishes off to the side, covering them up (yes, with a tissue) so that I couldn't see or think about them.

These are the only polishes I'm gonna allow myself to use for a while. It's like I'm pretending to have a tiny stash! :D

Bottom shelf is all the minis.

Next up are frankens.

Third shelf are full sized bottles I have back ups of, so I can still use those, too.

Fourth shelf are untrieds, which I can use once and then add to the rest of the stash.

And fifth shelf, of course, are treatments, oils, base, and top coats.

I'm excited! :3

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