Friday, April 3, 2015

A Robin's Egg Amongst the Sparkling Sheen

The Polish:
BC: CND - Stickey
Undies: Sally Hansen - Drama Sheen (Triple Shine line), one coat
Topper: Orly - Sparkling Garbage, two coats
Accent: Robin's Egg, a franken, two coats
TC: Seche Vite

I knew I wanted to wear Robin's Egg today because I hadn't worn it in a long time, but not as a whole mani because it's, like, the epitome of a creme, and I don't like wearing cremes. So I knew it had to be as an accent. The only question was, for what?

I was considering Drama Sheen because it was an untried, but I had a craving for Sparkling Garbage. No, Holly, stick to your little stash, I told myself. You made it for a reason. Don't start digging into your main stash again yet. Stick with Drama Sheen.

One coat in, though, and I wasn't sold. Drama Sheen is definitely a topper, not something I can wear on its own. And I don't like toppers. I don't even like purple. Sparkling Garbage it is!

I was feeling lazy, though, and didn't want to go through the trouble of removing, oiling back up, and reapplying base coat, so I decided to just put the Sparkling Garbage over top. The result is somehow oddly satisfying! I can see the purple sheen under the green scattered holo, and it's actually totally fine! The accent doesn't go with it anymore, but whatever!

Wear: Removed on day four with minor chips. I decided I loved SG over the sheer purple, so I'm debating what else I could do with the scattered-holo-over-sheer-color combo. In fact, I have a scattered holo as a mini! Should I put it over Cinderella? My jellied Dandy Lyin' Around? It's exciting! :D But as for Drama Sheen? I don't love it, was just inspired by it, so out it goes.

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