Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Blizzard Exactly

The Polish:
BC: Revlon - ColorStay Base Coat
Bread of the Sandwich (layers one and three): OPI - My Pointe Exactly
Jelly of the Sandwich (layer two): Sea Lore - Beluga Blizzard
TC: Seche Vite

(First two images show without second layer of MPE or top coat.)

Beluga Blizzard was on my short list to purge. The last time I wore it, I didn't really like it. I had worn two coats, though, so I decided that I needed to try it with one coat before I got rid of it.

Turns out one coat is way better than two, which makes my job all the more harder. It is kinda cute with one coat.. but it's got that weird shimmer thing going on.. I really like white glitters, but this one isn't my favorite. I have others I like better.

While wearing it, I kept waffling back and forth on whether to get rid or it or keep it, but I think I just need to purge it. It's nice, but I don't like it as much as my other ones. Out it goes.

Wear: Three days

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