Monday, July 27, 2015

Snowfall (franken)

The Polish:
BC: Revlon - ColorStay Base Coat
Color: Snowfall, a franken, two coats
TC: Seche Vite

Hmm.. This wasn't quite what I was hoping for. It's just rather... boring.

Snowfall is roughly 2/3 an unnamed The Color Workshop glass fleck in a pink duo-chrome-y base with 1/3 Orly Au Champagne. The glass flecks are nearly invisible on the nail. It's got a nice shimmer, but that's about it, and it doesn't quite make up for the slight streaky-ness the Orly adds to it. It also dries slightly satin-y because of the Orly, but I chose to top coat it, anyway.

I don't love it, so it doesn't need to stay in my stash. Thankfully a friend really enjoyed it, so it can have a new home at her house. :)

Wear: Removed on day two for something new.

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