Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wired-Up and Energized

The Polish:
BC: white glue
Main: Mod Lacquer - Energize, three coats
Accent Undies: China Glaze - Dandy Lyin' Around, two coats
Accent Glitter: Mod Lacquer - Wired-Up, one coat plus a little dabbing
TC: Seche Vite

Bam! Welcome to pink world! If you've ever thought to yourself, "I wish there was a rave on my nails," have I got some good news for you. Energize is incredibly neon pink, and Wired-Up is a colorful confetti party just dying to bask in the black light.

I put on three layers of Energize just to make sure it was completely opaque. It dries a little matte, as neons do, but that's what our awesome top coats are for, right?

Wired-Up has a mix of neon yellow, pink, blue, and green glitters in three different sizes, hexes and squares. The base is slightly yellow, but I really want to put it in a squishy jelly sandwich. :3

And just in case you don't believe how glowy Energize is, here's a picture I just had to take as I was sitting in my dimly lit living room. Geeze. Someone get me a black light already!

Wear: One day. I wasn't sure that I wanted raver nails for every day wear, so I opted for the glue-as-base coat method this time. (I must have gotten it a little thin around the edges, because there was still a little pink frame around my nails hours after the middle had flaked off. Let this be a lesson to you, kids!)

Disclaimer: This polish was provided for my honest opinion. You can buy Energize and Wired-Up at Mod Lacquer's Etsy store. The best part is that her Electrified collection comes in an entire neon rainbow! Eee!

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