Thursday, September 26, 2013

Glow in the Dark

Sinful Colors - Glow in the Dark (Halloween 2013 release)

Hang on, something's wrong here... That's right, no pictures!

Well, I tried. I was excited to buy my first glow in the dark polish and come home to swatch it, but I was shocked to find that when I turned off the lights, though my nails did, indeed, glow, my camera couldn't pick it up! When I ranted to my husband that I had totally seen pictures of glow in the dark polish online, he tried to remind me that photoshop exists.

I refuse to believe that ALL nail bloggers are photoshopping their glow in the darks. That certainly can't be, right? So why won't mine show up?

Hmm... :/ Ah well.

Aside from the non-photogenic nature of this polish, the worst thing was probably the smell. It's probably whatever chemical inside that makes it glow, but something was certainly giving off a yucky fume. It subsided after a couple of hours, though, and at night while laying in bed, the glow was definitely worth it. :)

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