Saturday, September 21, 2013

Robin's Egg, Take 2

Franken - Robin's Egg

To celebrate the bottom of my untrieds box, I decided to wear the first polish I ever posted, the one that made me decide I wanted to start a polish blog--a franken I made on a whim, trying to use the very last of a pretty hand-me-down I couldn't bear to toss out even though it was practically empty. It turned out looking like a beautiful, sparkly robin's egg, and I was in love. I've added a lot of thinner and even some clear polish since the first time I posted it, trying to get the consistency right, but it's still a pain to work with. Regardless, here she is. Let all of the growth (or lack there of) that I've gained in nine months of this hobby become apparent.

Wear: Three days. I could have made it last at least a day more, but I had a stressful day at work and nearly picked it off (thick with layers of Rejuvicote) on my way home.

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