Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lucky Celestica

Black Cat Lacquers - Celectica and Lucky Star

Let me preface this post by saying that not all indie polishes are created equal. Some have very good quality control and strive to produce only the very best polishes for their customers. Others, well... don't. There is a look that I commonly see where a polish, particularly a glitter, isn't made with the right ingredients and the resulting mixture is an odd, strained sort of thing where the base seems too thin in a way. You'll see what I mean soon. (Don't get me wrong, I've seen commercial, and even high end, polishes do this, too. It just seems to happen more often with indies.) For this reason, I always try to find as many swatches online as I can before I make a purchase. This is one of the few times where not many swatches were available, and I went ahead and bought anyway. See where this gets me?

Celestica has a blue-grey-ish-white base with some shimmer and some iridescent glitter in square and two sizes of hex. It's a bit gloopy, but at least it has a small amount of self-leveling. Unfortunately, it's definitely got that too-thin-base thing going on. It's alright from afar, but close up? Blah.

Lucky Star, however, completely steals the show. She's an adorable mix of square, star, and various sizes of hex glitters, all in pastel aqua, pink, and lilac. Yes, there are stars in there, I just didn't feel like fishing any out.  I believe there are also iridescent bars, but they're not very prominent--just enough for one to show up and look a little awkward. Oh well! The base is clear, though since I put it on over the Sinful Colors Glow in the Dark mani I was wearing previously, you can kind of see it through a little. (The Glow still worked under both polishes, by the way, which I was excited to find!) Anyway, yes, super cute. I love it. <3

Here's a closeup of her. Isn't she adorable?

Wear: Celestica had tipwear within 24 hours. :/ I'll have to wear a different topcoat with it next time. And I already had a few layers of Rejuvicote on, so the thickness of it started to peel after two days.

Black Cat Lacquer sells for $9 at

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