Friday, September 6, 2013

Pearlfectly Romantic

L'Oreal - How Romantic
Essie - Pure Pearlfection

Wooooah, what happened? How did I go from such a nice, neat mani to such a subpar one? Several things must have gone awry..

 First, uuuuugh, streak. I have yet to find a L'Oreal that works with me. But the internet makes it look so good! How do they do it!?

Second, where did these lobster claws come from? WHY are my fingers so red here?

Third, what's up with my middle finger? I swear I've been moisturizing.

Fourth,  the pretty shimmer of Pure Pearlfection hardly even showed up...

Bah! I know that it is entirely possible for me to just not post these pictures, but here we are. Mostly because I like to archive every polish I wear so I can remember how well I liked or disliked them, but also, this following story: I was at PAX Prime, recently, a gaming convention, and, during a panel, a comic artist from the reality internet show Strip Search (perhaps it was Erika Moen?) announced that she posted the artwork she deemed inferior to embarrass herself into improvement. I thought that was clever, so I'll pretend that that's what I've been doing all along!

Wear: Four days

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