Monday, September 16, 2013

Prospect Park's Adorable Blooms

New York Color - Prospect Park Bloom
L'Oreal - B. Adorable (Bijou Facets line)

I went into this mani with contempt for Prospect Park Bloom. Somehow I had already decided that I hated it. I guess I've just had pretty tough luck with cremes recently. But PPB wasn't actually all that bad. Sure, she was a little streaky, but I've DEFINITELY had worse, and at least she had a little self-leveling, which is more than we can say for some other polishes. It's a nice color, too, that pretty, soft pink that attracts me so. So I guess I'll be keeping her after all.

I was hesitant to put B. Adorable on over it, considering how many layers that would put me at. A few days of Rejuvicote, plus two of PPB, plus this, PLUS another coat of Rejuvicote when I was done? Yeah, that's going to last, especially considering my track record with polish-over-Rejuvicote, and also especially considering that tomorrow I'll be taking a shower and I'm learning that Rejuvicote hates water. But... come on, B. Adorable was my last untried! How could I possibly say no!?

It was overcast today, so my pictures of PPB didn't turn out as well as they could have, but by the time I had B. Adorable on, I was losing what little light I had fast. I didn't make it outside in time, so I had to settle with pictures inside. Meh. So needless to say, I couldn't capture her at all. She's actually a sheer, pale blue tinted, micro-fine bar glitter with shimmer. Not like you can tell from this picture. I'll have to get it again after my month of Rejuvicote is completed.

Wear: Yeah, no. Dented immediately because of all the layers. Removed after the pictures were taken.

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