Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Exactly, My Shooting Star

The Polish:
BC: OPI - Nail Envy
Color: Rainbow Polish - Shooting Star sandwiched between layers of OPI - My Pointe Exactly (NYC Ballet collection)
TC: Seche Vite

And now for something delicate! I just love my delicious Ballet jellies, and the grey may just be my favorite, even though it doesn't look awesome with my skin tone. Or maybe Don't Touch My Tutu... oh, I give up! Who am I to choose a favorite among her children? Hehe. But I do know that Shooting Star, despite being my very first indie, doesn't get enough love from me because the stars always drive me crazy. So I wanted to try to give it some more affection in a yummy jelly sandwich.

Shooting Star actually requires minimal fishing. I got one star out without trying and the second after dipping and swirling maybe twice. So! We'll see how well this mani lasts before the points of the stars poke out relentlessly enough for me to rip them off. Hopefully it's at least a couple of days!

And here's my rarely seen right hand. It typically gets at least one coat of polish less than the right hand, just because I'm not taking pictures of it. (And also probably because I'm right handed and want to paint as little as possible with my left hand.) After doing my left hand, I wondered if I had overdone it with the glitter, so I gave my right hand a simple accent. Not sure which I prefer, actually! Both are nice. But at least it was a relief not to have to glitter all the fingers left-handed, hehe.

Wear: A bar glitter was sticking up and had to be pulled immediately. Everything else lasted three days until I could take the pokies no longer! Next time I wear shape glitter, I'll have to remember to put at least one layer of Gelous on before the Seche Vite.

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