Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Light as a Peach

The Polish:
BC: One coat of New York Color - Matte Me Crazy over Duri - Rejuvicote
Main Color: The Devil Wears Polish - Suck My Peach, three coats
Accent: Glitter Gal - Light as a Feather, three coats
TC: Seche Vite

Here are two holo but very subtle polishes. When I started putting on Suck My Peach, I realized that a whole mani of it wasn't going to cut it for me. I picked out second holo that I hadn't worn in a while to be my accent color, but it turns out that Light as a Feather was just as subtle and not too very far off, color wise. Oh well. We'll be subtle for a while.

Suck My Peach is a nude linear holo. It's very sheer at first but builds easily. I'm glad I only have a mini bottle of it because a whole bottle would probably be too much for me. Whatever, it's pretty, though. I'm sure I'll wear it every once in a while. It's just so very plain, even with the holo. It might look very pretty with some stamping over it. If only I could stamp.

Wear: Four days.

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