Sunday, February 9, 2014

Celestial Spritz

The Polish:
BC: Duri - Rejuvicote
Main Color: Gap - Pink Spritz, two coats
Accent: Black Cat Lacquer - Celestica, one thick coat
TC: Gelous, followed by Seche Vite

Here's my pre-Valentine's mani, just a dash of pink. A friend bought me a bottle of Gelous, which I was so exited about because it meant I could finally use some of the polishes I've been holding off on for a while because of their formula.

I found Pink Spritz at a thrift store for fifty cents, and I couldn't ignore the pretty iridescent glitter. It needed a bit of thinning and was still a little gloopy, unfortunately. It went on streaky, but the Gelous did wonders on evening it out.

And ah, Celestica. Our first time together was quite a mess, wasn't it. So I've been waiting until I had some Gelous until I wore you again. And my, what a difference it made! She evened you out to a nice, smooth shine, didn't she? And now I'm excited to wear you again! Plus, taken inside, I can see just the faintest of weak linear holos in your pictures. How cute!

Wear: Four days. I did such a good job not picking the peeling polish on day four, yay!

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