Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sugar Galore

The Polish:
BC: Revlon - ColorStay basecoat, under accent only
Main Color: OPI - Pussy Galore (Bond Girls collection), three coats
Accent: Sugar - Sugar Rush, three coats
TC: Seche Vite, over accent only

I wanted to give this post a different title, using the first word of each of the polishes, but then I chickened out, haha. Okay, anyway, here's my Valentine's mani for this year. It's so... pink! Grah! But it's okay. I was kind of saving Sugar Rush for spring, but then I realized that the color matched traditional Valentine's day candy, so I caved. And I'm glad I did. I'm not sure I could take a full mani of so much pink, and it just gives the whole thing a better look overall. You can't see it here, but my left hand actually has the accent nail on the pinkie. I've never done a pinkie accent, and it certainly wasn't intentional. I accidentally started applying Pussy Galore to my ring finger and only noticed it too late. I didn't want to take it off, so I just put base coat on the pinkie and accented that one. The asymmetry is actually cuter than I imagined, so I might wind up doing it again on purpose.

When the Bond Girls collection came out, Pussy Galore was one that I really wanted, both because of the name and because light pink is a color I enjoy. This pink isn't quite what I expected, though. It's a little... too pink. I suppose the light pinks I prefer more are sheer ones. It's got the same issue of strange texture as it's sister, Solitaire, where the texture seems a little to sparse, and I'm expecting it to wear off awkwardly, as well. Again, I'm glad I only got minis of them!

Sugar is a brand whose icon I've seen before. Apparently they mostly sell shoes, and they've recently started selling cosmetics at Kohl's. When I was there around Christmas time, I noticed Sugar Rush looking like a dupe for Nails Inc's Sweets Way, which was on my wishlist at the time. Sugar Rush has pink, blue, and white hexes in a sheer white base. Obviously it's only a near dupe, since the glitters are more sparse, even at three coats, but it's close enough for me.

Wear: Removed after three days. I just couldn't take the pink any longer, and, as I expected, it DID start to wear in an awkward way.

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