Saturday, February 15, 2014

Travel in Color

The Polish:
BC: Nail-Aid - Extreme Steel Hardener
Color: China Glaze - Travel in Color (HoliGlaze collection), two coats
TC: Sinful Colors - Quick Dry

After the awfulness that was my last mani, I desperately needed a palate cleanser. Thankfully I had Travel in Color untried, so I nubbinized, put it on, and then breathed a sigh of relief.

Travel in Color is a sheer, shimmery white with bright pink flash and just a touch of green shimmer, too. It's meant to be a topper, but alone it was great for the simplicity I needed. Speaking of flash, by the way, I've recently learned via the nail board that any polish with a flash is actually considered a duochrome, and the things that I was considering duochromes, like WnW Grey's Anatomy, for example, are actually multichromes. I guess it makes sense--this one has two colors, white and pink, while, if you look at the bottle in the swatch of Grey's Anatomy, you can see three colors, blue, purple, and green. Well, alright, then. So Travel in Color is technically a duochrome.

About that flash, by the way, it just refused to be photographed. It's startlingly bright in person, just wouldn't show off for the camera. Grr, frustrating. I still think I prefer my sheer whites with gold flash, like Calla Lily and White Cap, but pink will be fine every once in a while.

Wear: Removed after three days.

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