Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pucci-licious Iridescents

The Polish:
BC: CND - Stickey
Undies: Color Club - Pucci-licious, two coats
Left Index: Revlon - Heavenly
Left Middle: Jordana - Lunar Lights
Left Ring: KleanColor - Take a Hint
Left Pinkie: Zoya - Monet
Right Index: Colors by Llarowe - Opals and Lace
Right Middle: Cameo Colors - Let It Snow
Right Ring: Confetti - Pink Confetti
Right Pinkie: Sally Hansen - Disco Ball
TC: Seche Vite (under the glitters and over)

Iridescent glitters are my favorite. I love how ethereal they look, and they always catch my eye. I've been collecting them for a while, and I'm pretty sure I can say that I have too many. It's time for a purge. I've swatched all eight over a neon-ish purple creme, Pucci-licious. Let's try not to cling too tightly to these, now, Holly, no matter how difficult it is. I need to get rid of some, so I have to be ruthless. It'll feel better when I'm done. It'll be nice only having a few that I absolutely adore.

And of course I would start with Heavenly. I've had Heavenly for a while.. since I first started collecting as an adult, if I recall. It has such nice squares and hexes.. it's super cute.. and unique! So I'm keeping it. >_>

Lunar Lights and Take a Hint are pretty similar. They have both larger hexes and smaller microglitter. They're nearly dupes, but Lunar Lights has a little more microglitter while Take a Hint has more larger hexes. It breaks my heart to choose between them, but if I'm honest with myself, I need to choose Take a Hint. I like the ratio of glitters better. It's just so hard to put Lunar Lights into the purge box because it's sooo super pretty in the bottle... *sigh*

Monet, on the other hand, is easy to purge. It has a pretty poor consistency. I had heard that when it came out, and that's why I didn't buy it. It came up during the local swap, however, and that's why it ended up in my hands, anyway. But it's just not as good as my other iridescent glitters, so back out it goes.

Opals and Lace and Let It Snow are similar-ish. They both have small hexes, microglitter, and these adorable matte white glitters. Let It Snow, however, only has hex whites, but Opals and Lace has a mix of tiny white squares and hexes mixed in with the larger white hexes. The latter also has some almost undetectable yellow shards floating around. It's difficult to choose between them, but need to admit it--Let It Snow smells. It has a strong odor. The brush in mine has also become stiff, so it's difficult to apply. It's a hard thing to do, but Let It Snow needs to go into the purge box... :(

Pink Confetti and Disco Ball are both only microglitter. Looking very closely, I can just barely tell that the glitter in Pink Confetti are just the tiniest bit larger than Disco Ball, so.. I guess Disco Ball... to the Franken box. *nod* I'm pretty sure I can find a Frankening use for it eventually.

Hey, maybe Lunar Lights can hang out with it in there! ... No.. I can't do it. I just can't get rid of Lunar Lights, even if it's only to the Franken box. It's too pretty in the bottle. It can hang out on the shelf some more. *hugs it*

Final Tally:
Keep: Heavenly, Lunar Lights, Take a Hint, Opals and Lace, Pink Confetti
Purge: Monet, Let It Snow
Franken: Disco Ball

Wear: Four days to lifting

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