Friday, November 15, 2013

Heavenly Cotton Candy

The Polish:
Essence - Cotton Candy (Nude Glam line) - three coats
Revlon - Heavenly - one coat
Seche Vite

And now for something sparkly. I just adore all iridescent glitters. They're so lovely. <3 Probably the best glitters, for sure.

As much as I like Essence's new cute little bottles and their fabulous wide brushes, I'm not super fond of this polish. It's an alright color, nothing spectacular, but not bad either. It was just SO streaky. I was only planning on wearing Heavenly as an accent nail, but I had to cover up all of the streaks.

Wear: Uhm.. Why didn't I even put on a base coat? I remember days when I didn't have to wear base coats, but these are NOT those days. I somehow got three days out of this mani, though it started to peel off within twenty four hours. On the third day, I stress-picked at work. Note to self: bc is no longer optional. Treatments are apparently adequate base coats.

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