Monday, November 11, 2013

Sinful Skittles

The Polish:
Thumb: Sinful Colors - Rain Storm (Haute Rebel collection)
Index: Sinful Colors - Sugar Rush (Sugar Rush collection) (two coats)
Middle: Sinful Colors - Cool Gray (Haute Rebel Collection) (two coats)
Ring: Sinful Colors - Beau Khaki (Haute Rebel Collection)
Pinkie: Sinful Colors - Social Ladder (two coats)
Over Beau Khaki: Sinful Colors - Out of this World
Over everything else: Sinful Colors - Green Ocean (Saint Patrick's Day 2013)

Since this is Skittles week on Makeup Alley's Nail Board, I decided to take this opportunity to go through my Sinfuls and see if I could purge anything. There are some that I know I can keep, like Glass Pink, Cinderella, and even Glow in the Dark, but the others I needed to revisit.

Rain Storm is a delightful one-coater. It's such a beautiful, dusty shade of blue that I enjoy so much. I'm still not sure if I enjoy it on my nails or not, and it takes a steady hand to apply, since it's so thick, but I just can't bear to part with it. Not yet at least. (It got messed up here, due to some cat hair. Ugh. I need to do my nails in a clean room or something.)

Sugar Rush, on the other hand, was just as frustrating as I remember it being. It's one of those streaky cremes that I dislike, and I have other polishes that are similar in color. Purge.

Cool Gray is also streaky, but I don't have any other colors that are similar. It's such a nice color, too. Keep.

Beau Khaki has a formula similar to Rain Storm, though not quite as nice. It's a pretty color, though, again, I can't see myself wearing it much on my nails. Keep for now.

And Social Ladder. How could I forget how much I liked you? A pretty sheer, shimmery pink, delightfully delicate and dainty. Keep, of course.

This is the first time I've work Out of the World over something. It was boring on its own, and I was about to purge it months ago until I realized it might make good frankening material. I've never made a franken I've been super excited about, but theoretically it sounded good. But now I see that it's also nice enough over a creme. So, keep for now.

And finally, Green Ocean. Ah, Green Ocean. I keep going back and forth about you. I really don't like flakies, particularly how it's hard to get them to lay flat, and I definitely don't like the awkward green-tinted base this one's in ... but look at that pretty iridescent shine. It's especially pretty over a darker color, like Rain Storm. Even though I never wear darker colors. *sigh* I can't get rid of you yet, either, I suppose.

So... I only managed to purge one? Gah. Oh well.

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